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  1. Ténis
    1. Raquetes
      1. Adultos
      2. Juniores/Crianças
      1. Hybrids
      2. Monofilamento
      3. Multifilamento
      4. Natural Gut
    3. Grips
      1. Absorção
      2. Feel
    4. Overgrips
      1. Absorção
      2. Feel
      3. Comfort
    5. Bolas
      1. Pressurizadas
      2. Bolas de aprendizagem
    6. Sacos
    7. Acessórios
      1. Acessórios de raquete
      2. Acessórios/Presentes
      3. Equipamento para campo
    8. Sapatilhas de ténis
      1. Homem
      2. Mulheres
      3. Rapazes
      4. Raparigas
    9. Vestuário
      1. Homem
      2. Mulheres
      3. Rapazes
      4. Raparigas
    10. Acessórios de Vestuário
      1. Homem
      2. Mulheres
      3. Juniores/Crianças
    11. Collections
      1. Rafa
      2. Wimbledon
      3. Pure Aero
      4. Pure Drive
      5. Pure Strike
      6. EVO Drive
  1. Padel
    1. Padel Raquetes
      1. Adultos
      2. Juniores/Crianças
    2. Grips & Overgrips
    3. Bolas de Padel
    4. Sapatilhas de padel
      1. Homem
      2. Mulheres
      3. Juniores/Crianças
    5. Sacos de Padel
      1. Homem
      2. Mulheres
    6. Vestuário
      1. Homem
      2. Mulheres
      3. Juniores/Crianças
    7. Acessórios de Vestuário
      1. Chapéus
      2. Faixas de cabeça
      3. Punhos
      4. Meias
    8. Acessórios
  1. Badminton
    1. Raquetes de badminton
      1. Performance
      2. Intensive
      3. Iniciante
      4. Club
    2. Cordas
    3. Grips
      1. Sensação
      2. Towels
    4. Overgrips
    5. Sapatilhas de Badminton
      1. Homem
      2. Mulheres
    6. Volantes de Bádminton
      1. Híbrida
      2. Penas
      3. Nylon
    7. Sacos de Badminton
      1. Performance
      2. Intensive
    8. Vestuário
      1. Homem
      2. Mulheres
      3. Juniores/Crianças
    9. Acessórios de Vestuário
      1. Meias
      2. Punhos
  1. Homem
    1. Sapatilhas
      1. Ténis
      2. Badminton
      3. Padel
    2. Sacos
      1. Ténis
      2. Badminton
      3. Padel
    3. Vestuário
      1. Cintura
      2. Ancas
    4. Acessórios de Vestuário
      1. Chapéus
      2. Punhos & Faixas de cabeça
      3. Meias
  1. Mulheres
    1. Sapatilhas
      1. Ténis
      2. Badminton
      3. Padel
    2. Sacos
      1. Ténis
      2. Badminton
      3. Padel
    3. Vestuário
      1. Cintura
      2. Ancas
    4. Acessórios de Vestuário
      1. Chapéus
      2. Punhos & Faixas de cabeça
      3. Meias
  1. Juniores/Crianças
    1. Raquetes
      1. Ténis
    2. Sapatilhas
      1. Ténis
      2. Padel
    3. Sacos
      1. Sacos para raquete
      2. Mochilas
    4. Vestuário
      1. Cintura
      2. Ancas
    5. Acessórios de Vestuário
      1. Chapéus
      2. Meias
    6. Back to school
  1. Sobre nós
    1. Nossa história
    2. Perícia
    3. Valores
    4. A nossa família
    5. Carreiras
  1. News
    1. In 2022, Babolat becomes the Official Stringer of The Championships, Wimbledon
    2. Limited edition Goldmine: shine for the new season
    3. Babolat: the official shoe provider for Madrid Premier Padel 2022
    4. Rafa’s 22 glorious moments of history
    5. 4 circuit training to improve your badminton preparation
    6. The French Open is here!
    7. The new Babolat Pure Strike VS – maximum control with full confidence
    8. How to warm up before playing badminton?
    9. How to improve your core stability for badminton?
    10. How to deal with fatigue and to prevent injuries?
    11. How to core workout with a partner?
    12. How can badminton improve our eyesight?
    13. Babolat and APT Padel Tour renew their partnership in 2022
    14. Racquet customisation – ‘Focus on the feeling, not on the numbers’
    15. Group badminton: more motivation, more fun?
    16. Todo o equipamento de que necessita para jogar padel.
    17. Guia para desenvolver a sua técnica, por um treinador talentoso
    18. Concentração total: três formas de melhorar o seu foco durante um jogo de badminton
    19. Personalização dos aros – inovar e performar
    20. RPM Blast Rough: spin, potência e conforto
    21. Preparação do material, uma expertise sinônimo de diálogo com os campeões
    22. Which are the best ways to improve your badminton technique?
    23. Que sapatos devo escolher? Apresentamos a nossa gama 100% padel
    24. Developing your physique and working your whole body with badminton
    25. Bem-vindo ao mundo do padel
    26. Top motivational techniques for badminton players
    27. Badminton’s invincible team spirit
    28. Better communication through badminton
    29. Badminton: pleasure without pain?
    30. The badminton diet: Food to boost your game
    31. How to stay hydrated on the badminton court: Advice from a sports nutritionist, Tom Hill.
    32. Introducing Babolat’s new Veron range: bringing Carbon power to all padel players
    33. The benefits of padel, by Jorge Rodriguez
    34. Babolat unveils a new Wimbledon-branded shoe collection
    35. Babolat’s Lightweight Speed Shoe Shifts Into High Gear
    36. Spotlight on equipment used by professional players at the French Open
    37. The new Babolat Jet Premura, designed to make you the fastest and most agile player on the court
    38. Developed for padel, designed for women
    39. Rafa 20th
    40. Efeito relâmpago da nova Pure Drive
    41. Retrospetiva do belo ano de 2021
    42. Cyberspace: a nova edição limitada da Babolat para o Badminton
    43. Babolat launches its new Veron 2022 range with a new design to help you stand out on the court
    44. World Padel Tour: the consecration of Juan Lebrón, winner and number 1 in the world
    45. BAB Battle, a Worldwide Junior Challenge
    46. The new Viper: Explosive power with a unique design for every player
    47. Babolat & Tennis Point : Opening of a new racquet sports flagship in Paris & launch of the "Tennis is us" foundation
    48. Babolat officially partners the “All In Tennis Academy”
    49. Babolat RPM Soft: comfort & durability - the best of mono and multifilament strings
    50. Babolat, parceiro da primeira fábrica automatizada de calçado desportivo em França
    51. Rise Together, the community at the heart of badminton
    52. Back to school !
    53. They’re the kids in America
    54. Garbiñe Muguruza crowned at the Masters
    55. As cordas de tripa natural Babolat: uma lenda viva made in France
    56. Descubra o novo SFX3
    57. New branded space in our select partner shops
    58. Nova linha Viper: revele o seu estilo!
    59. Dominic Thiem: primeira vitória no Grand Slam!
    60. Exciting new Under 12 National Circuit Launches for 2021
    61. Urban Tribe : The new Babolat Badminton limited edition
    62. Encordoamento híbrido : a combinação ideal | Babolat Site Oficial
    63. A nova Pure Strike agora disponível!
    64. Descubra os vários benefícios do badminton — o desporto ideal
    65. A Babolat reúne os fãs com uma coleção de raquetes Flag em edição limitada
    66. RPM Power: a nova corda Babolat desenvolvida para maximizar spin e potência
    67. A nova Babolat Pure Aero, a precisão a serviço da performance
    68. Babolat abraça o pickleball, um desporto em rápido crescimento
    69. Check Out The BPKL Paddle Range
    70. Rebel Pied Pipers Growing the Game Of Pickleball Across the Nation
  1. In Family We Grow
    1. "Being with the Hit Squad has just opened up the doors for many awesome opportunities" – Jorge & Rayan
    2. “There will never be another Rafa. I am Carlos.” – Carlos Alcaraz
    3. “Without passion you can’t be competitive” – Hugo Sconochini
    4. “The Christmas present that keeps on giving” – Wolfgang Gnedt
    5. ‘We bring a new perspective into the game of Padel’ – Patricia Martínez
    6. ‘If I’m an inspiration because I refuse to quit – I’m happy with that’ – Jeff Bourns
    7. ‘Suddenly the world’s best brand was willing to sponsor me. It was like a dream.’ – Miguel Semmler
    8. ‘We both have our feet on the ground. We remain humble and loyal.’
    9. ‘Sport brings emotions one cannot experience elsewhere’ – Julie Cukierman
    10. ‘I see badminton as the best tool to give others joy. That is my aim.’ – Jürgen Koch
    11. "Passion has no age"
    12. [Club Med] “Defendemos o prazer, mas queremos melhorar”
    13. [Tennis Club Ninon] “95 percent of our players play with Babolat racquets”
    14. [Chamatex] De calçados mais leves à produção automatizada
    15. "If I change the life of someone in a very, very small way, then I have done what I was meant to do" – Dylan Alcott
    16. “The pandemic touched me a lot psychologically, because I spent three months feeling useless.” – Eduardo Ladeveze
    17. “To go out and achieve the greatest victory, the biggest thrills” – Pauline Déroulède
    18. "I asked her “What did I just say?” and she imitated me saying it!" – Leylah Fernandez
    19. "Algo está a acontecer aqui, este é um desporto que apenas pode crescer" — Fred Bertucat
    20. "Nothing had stopped her before. Nothing was going to stop her now" – Danielle Collins
    21. “O que é preciso para ser um bom freestyler? Ser paciente e saber repetir.” – Bensimshot
    22. "The goal is world number one” – Cameron Norrie
    23. “More than 60% of Grand Slam Champions since 2000 play with Babolat string.” – Erwan Grimault
    24. “Players take time – it’s a decade or more of investment in terms of time, money, servicing, and energy.” – Jean-Christophe Verborg
    25. “I was always more of a tactician, I like to support them on a psychological level” – Frank Vincent
    26. [Michelin] “Uma parceria para criar as melhores sapatilhas”
    27. A badminton Tour de France by thumb – Loïc Gaessler
    28. “We are the tribe – but more than a tribe” – Justine Couvidat
    29. [Wimbledon] Unindo duas marcas que ajudaram a inventar o ténis
    30. "A good frame with bad strings is like a Ferrari with a tractor engine" – Lucien Noguès
    31. “If you black-out a Babolat racquet and let me play with it, I’ll know which one it is right away.” – Aska Moilimou
    32. "Antes de cada competição deveria ouvir música e, simultaneamente, visualizar as melhores batidas que já joguei em jogos anteriores" - Juan Lebrón
    33. ‘There are so many dimensions to badminton, that’s what attracted me.’ – Peter Mills
    34. "Badminton saved my eyesight" – Loïc Meuriot
    35. "I want to show it is really worth fighting for yourself, for your dreams" – Aneta Niklas
    36. Fernando Poggi, ‘the beast’ and world champion who pioneered TV and social networks
    37. ‘Winning is not everything when you see how happy people are.’ - Rina Fujiwara
    38. From Nadal to Padel and Club La Masó: Nicolás Delgado’s journey
    39. "Queria sempre vencer os meus irmãos mais velhos." - Chloe Birch
    40. "Quando perdi, os meus pais e treinadores disseram-me que a principal razão era o backhand" — Dominic Thiem
    41. "O facto de ser um negócio familiar é algo que me faz sentir próximo dele" — Rafael Nadal
    42. ‘When’ I win a major, not ‘if’ - Jennifer Brady
    43. [HumanFab] Science and passion unite for tennis, padel and badminton fans
    44. "Quando trabalhamos com jovens jogadores, acho que é muito importante para um treinador ser sempre construtivo e encorajador" - Hongyan Pi
    45. 'A lot of the things I’ve done in my life are because of sport, because of badminton' - Sylvain Janier-Dubry
    46. "O padel é um desporto mágico... porque é o desporto mais democrático e inclusivo que existe." - Gustavo Spector
    47. "Para mim, foi um desporto imediatamente fantástico." - Kai Niederhuber
    48. "Todas as desvantagens têm uma vantagem." — Stéphane Houdet
    49. "Quero ganhar um Grand Slam. É para isso que estou a trabalhar." — Xinyu Wang
    50. [APT] A fazer crescer o jogo de padel, em todo o mundo
    51. "É a minha vitória, a minha derrota. Assumo a responsabilidade por ambas." — Sofia Kenin
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