From Japan to Mallorca!

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Publicado em 12/12/22

In March 2022, a total of 423 champions gathered from all over Japan to compete in the 15th Tomas Cup, a National Junior Tennis Tour Champions Event. It was the first time for Babolat to sponsor the event with the official tournament ball and also a prize for winners (excluding boys and girls in the 10 years old and below group) to get an exclusive tennis experience at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar in Mallorca, Spain. During the tournament, participants had the opportunity to play/hit with professional players and also access to the Babolat booth (stringing service, photo area, goods purchase). 

Out of all the champions in each age group (boys and girls - 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 years old and under), Kotoha Osawa (Girls’ 18 and under champion), Mona Narita (Girls’ 16 and under champion), Mutsumi Uemura (Girls’ 14 and under champion), and Hiromasa Ishii (Boys’ 18 and under champion) went to enjoy an experience they will never forget. 

The champions were bound for an exciting tennis journey at the Rada Nadal Academy  - the perfect setting! And indeed, it turned out to be an unforgettable experience for all of them. We look forward to seeing more aspirational players compete in next year’s Tomas Cup and hope we get to share this great moment together through Rafa’s Academy.

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