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The Babolat range of tennis bags offers a solution for every player. Each bag is designed to offer the perfect balance of style, comfort and practicality. Whatever your level of play or mode of transport, Babolat has the ideal tennis bag to get you to the court with confidence.
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21 results


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Tennis bags for all levels of play

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, Babolat offers a variety of tennis bags for every level of play. These include RH6 bags that hold 6 racquets, RH12 bags that hold 12 racquets and our Backpacks available in a variety of styles. These bags meet the specific needs of players and provide adequate storage space for the racquets, clothing and accessories you need on the court. With their specialized compartments, Babolat ensures that every player can travel in comfort and style, whatever their level of play.

Easy-to-carry tennis bags

When it comes to transporting your tennis equipment, Babolat has already thought of everything. Our various bag models are designed for different modes of transport. Whether you're traveling by car, bike, public transit or on foot, Babolat bags offer the flexibility and functionality you need to get around. Our RH6, RH12 bags and backpacks are designed to easily carry wherever you go. No matter what way you choose to transport your tennis equipment, Babolat bags offer you all the practicality and protection you need.

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