When you give a Babolat tennis racquet to your junior/kid, you're not just choosing equipment; you're investing in a passion. Babolat stands out for its quality and innovation and for its commitment to support young players as they grow. Babolat offers racquets adapted to each child's level of play and physical abilities, so they can progress while having fun. With a Babolat children's tennis racquet, you're giving your future champion the chance to maximize their potentialand to excel on the court !
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Why choose a Babolat children's tennis racquet?

Choosing the perfect tennis racquet for your child will help them to easily progress. Babolat has teamed up with leading experts to design junior tennis racquets adapted to children's body sizes and abilities in collaboration with the Inter-University Laboratory of Human Movement Biology. Tennis is a sport that children start learning at a very young age. Discover the wide range of tennis racquets specifically designed to meet the needs of the youngest players, 90 cm and taller.

How to choose a tennis racquet for your child.

There are two criteria to consider when choosing a tennis racquet for your child: the child's size and level of play. Our experts defined these two criteria during a study conducted by the Inter-University Laboratory of Human Movement Biology, which specializes in the motor skills and biomechanics of the human body.

Depending on your child's size

It's important to take your child's size into account when choosing a racquet. A tennis racquet which is too big will prevent your child from progressing easily. The wrong racquet at an early age can increase the risk of injury in adulthood. On the other hand, children's tennis racquets that are too small will not provide the best opportunity for progress.
Your child measures < 95 cm / from age 3: 17-inch racquets
Your child measures 95 to 110 cm / up to 5 years old: 19-inch racquets
Your child measures 110 to 125 cm / 5 to 7 years old: 21-inch racquets
Your child measures 120 to 135 cm / 7 to 9 years old: 23-inch or 24-inch racquets
Your child measures 130 to 145 cm / 9 to 11 years old: 25-inch racquets
Your child measures 140 to 150 cm / 11 to 13 years old: 26-inch racquets

Depending on your child's level of play

Your child is just starting out: we recommend choosing a lighter aluminum tennis racquet, which will give your child maximum maneuverability and forgiveness.
Your child has been playing for two or three years and wants to keep progressing while having fun on the court: choose a graphite composite racquet that will develop power (hitting the ball further) and improve accuracy.
Your child plays in tournaments and plays tennis well and wants to refine their technique to win in competition. You child will need a more technical racquet to express their playing style: sending the ball deep into the opponent's court, power, spin or control. Choose a 100% graphite racquet.

How to know if your child is playing with the right tennis racquet

If you're buying a children's tennis racquet in a store, there is a technique for finding the ideal tennis racquet. Your child's arm should be well positioned alongside their body while holding the racquet with their fingertips. If the racquet is positioned above the ankle, the racquet is too small. But if the racquet touches the ground, it's too big for your child.

Which Babolat range is right for your child?

For the youngest beginners (from 90 cm to 145 cm): Babolat offers the BallFighter range for boys and the B'Fly range for girls. These racquets are perfectly adapted to children's body types and are ideal for their first steps in the game of tennis. These racquets make it easier for children to learn how to play tennis and to have fun on the court more quickly.
For young beginners who are fans of Rafa (from 90 cm to 155 cm), the Nadal JR tennis racquets are designed for those who are just discovering tennis and starting to develop their skills. These racquets in Rafa's colors will make it easier for your child to learn tennis and follow in their idole's footsteps.
For young intermediate players who want to improve (from 120 cm to 150 cm): the Drive JR and Aero JR ranges are perfect for intermediate players who want to have fun playing tennis while improving their technique.
For young competitors (from 135 cm to 150 cm): The Pure Aero JR, Pure Strike JR, Pure Drive JR and Pure Aero Rafa JR series are designed for advanced, competitive players. These racquets give young competitors the power and precision they need to perform at their highest level and to prepare for the transition to adult racquets.

When to change your child's tennis racquet ?

It's time to change a child's racquet when it no longer matches their size, practice intensity and level of play. Generally speaking, if your child has grown or if their level of play has improved, a new racquet may be necessary to continue progressing in the game.

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