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Looking for the perfect competition racquet? Or the ideal racquet to help you improve? Whether you’re an elite player, advanced player or beginner, we have the racquet for you. Our Viper, Veron and Vertuo padel racquet ranges have been specially designed so that each player can find a padel racquet to fit their skill level and game type. Discover and try your hand at padel with the Babolat racquets, specially designed by our teams to allow you to enjoy the game.
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How to choose your adult padel racquet?

The different types of padel racquets

Round padel racquet

Features: a round padel racquet has a low balance point, which means the weight is distributed towards the handle. The sweet spot is wider and more centered.

Advantages: Offers better control and is easier to handle, making it ideal for beginners and defensive players who value precision over power.

Diamond padel racquet

Features: a diamond-shaped padel racquet has a high balance point, concentrating weight at the top of the racquet. This allows for more powerful strokes, but with a smaller, higher sweet spot.

Advantages: favors power over control, making it ideal for offensive players who want to score points quickly.

Teardrop padel racquet

Features: a teardrop-shaped padel racquet offers a compromise between the first two types, with an intermediate sweet spot. The sweet spot is also larger than it is on the diamond-shaped racquet but is smaller than on the round racquet.

Advantages: a balance between control and power, making it ideal for a versatile playing style.

Choosing a padel racquet according to your level of play

You’re a beginner

If you're a beginner, choose a lightweight padel racquet for easy handling. You should also choose a padel racquet with a round or teardrop shape, for tolerance and control.

You’re an advanced player

If you're an advanced player, be sure to choose a teardrop or diamond shaped padel racquet. This will allow you to combine power and control.

You’re a competitor and play in tournaments regularly

If you are a competitor player you will need a high reactivity racquet that help you to perform in a high level. You usually opt for diamond-shaped racquets, which are ideal for players who already have a lot of control and who want even more power.

Which Babolat padel racquets are right for you ?

Babolat offers racquets for all levels of play. Discover the padel racquet that's right for you.

Racquet range for beginners

The easy-to-play range is recommended for their comfort, lightness and ease of use, which are perfect for new players with their Reflex, Storm, Contact and Reveal racquets.

Racquet range for advanced players

Experienced players will find what they're looking for in the Vertuo or Veron ranges, designed for those who want to make rapid progress.

Racquet range for competitive players

For competitive players, we recommend the Viper range, which has features tailored to the needs of expert competitors. The Energy range are perfect for women who play competitively and the Spirit range for advanced women players.

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