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Discover the Babolat tennis racquet collection, designed to offer unparalleled performance on the court. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, our tennis racquets combine cutting-edge technology and innovation to enhance every aspect of your game.
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The Babolat tennis racquet ranges

Babolat has several ranges that adapt to all playing styles: Pure Strike, Pure Aero, Pure Aero Rafa, Pure Drive, the Wimbledon edition, and the EVO range (EVO Aero and EVO Drive).

The "Pure Drive" tennis racquet

Looking for power and versatility? The "Pure Drive" range from Babolat is made for you. This tennis racquet is suitable for both amateur and competitive players. The Pure Drive will offer you unique sensations upon ball impact.

The "Pure Aero" tennis racquet

The "Pure Aero" tennis racquet will give players an unmatched intensity of strike. This racquet, with its aerodynamic frame and string pattern adapted to the intensity of play, is ideal for players seeking power, spin, and sensations.

The "Pure Aero Rafa" tennis racquet

The "Pure Aero Rafa" tennis racquet and its design are the result of a collaboration with Rafael Nadal. This racquet provides maximum spin and power thanks to its head-heavy balance and overall inertia. Push your opponent back on the court with your high, looping trajectories.

The "Pure Strike" tennis racquet

The "Pure Strike" tennis racquet is designed to provide control and sensations upon impact. It is ideal for versatile attacking players as well as fast and compact counter-attackers. This tennis racquet is suitable for players who control the match and create play.

The "Evo" tennis racquet

The "Evo" range from Babolat is designed for players seeking evolution and progression in their game. This range of tennis racquets offers an excellent compromise between power and comfort, making each hit more effective and each match more enjoyable. Ideal for intermediate players looking to advance to the next level, the "Evo" tennis racquet promotes a dynamic and versatile game.

How to maintain your tennis racquet?

To keep your tennis racquet in excellent condition, check and replace the strings at least once a year, avoid extreme temperatures that can damage it and clean the frame with a damp cloth. Regularly change the grip to maintain good adhesion and use a racquet cover to protect it from impacts and dust.

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