Padel Racquets

Whether you have a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, our padel racquets have been specially designed to fit their experience, skill, and game type. Trust our expertise and our commitment to excellence. Our ranges of racquets are made with the finest materials and the latest technologies. Explore our collection and find the racquet that will propel you to new heights.
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14 results


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Discover our padel racquet ranges

The "Easy-to-play" range

Comfortable and lightweight, these padel racquets are ideal for anyone who is new to padel.

The "Vertuo" range

The perfect racquet for amateur and intermediate player who want to make rapid progress.

The "Veron" range

The Veron padel racquet is for players who play regularly at an advanced or experienced level.

The "Viper" range

The Viper range is perfect for experienced Padel competitors.

The “Viper Junior” range

Lightweight and easy to handle, this junior padel racquet is ideal for children under 12 who want to improve their game.

Padel racquet ranges specially designed for women

We have observed many female players and have developed ranges of padel racquets for women.

The "Dyna" range

The Dyna Energy and Dyna Spirit models are designed for dynamic, fast players who most often win the point at the net.

The "Stima" range

Its Stima Energy and Stima Spirit models are designed for players who want to win the point by wearing down their opponents with precise shots.

The “Easy-to-play" range

The Reveal racquet is perfect for beginners. It is easy to play, light, flexible and maneuverable.

All of these padel racquets have been developed to enable players to be more comfortable on the court, with lightness and easy power. The light weight (between 330 and 335 grams per racquet) of the Energy and Spirit ranges makes it easy to hit the ball in all situations. Their construction with soft fibers (carbonflex or fiberglass) gives them a certain elasticity, for comfort when striking.

Babolat, the benchmark for quality padel racquets

Trust Babolat, a recognized brand in the world of sports, as your source of high-quality padel racquets. The use of high-quality materials such as carbon and fibreglass gives our racquets a combination of power, lightness and durability. Don't let your equipment limit your potential. Choose Babolat padel racquets and enter a new dimension of play.

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