Strike Evo Strung

Strike Evo Strung
Strike Evo Strung
Strike Evo Strung
Strike Evo Strung
Strike Evo Strung
Strike Evo Strung
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For you, competition is more about self-improvement than pure rivalry. So we made a racquet just for your game. The Strike Evo is an affordable performance racquet that offers easy power, control, and comfort to help you reach your full potential.



You told us you need power to support your game, but from the study we made, what you truly mean is a forgiving yet responsive racquet that will help you generate the extra power you are seeking. Thanks to its new lay-up, it’s 16/19 string pattern and its 102 sq. in. headsize, you will be able to hit powerful strokes as never before.


You can’t stand vibrations in your arm or an unpleasant sound when you hit the ball? Problem solved! We want you to experience this new softer feel on every shot this racquet provides thanks to its C²Evo Feel. We developed this new cutting-edge technology and incorporated it into 4 different locations of the racquet to increase shock absorption and provide an unrivaled sensation of comfort on every shot.


Of course power is important but a bit meaningless if it comes without any sense of control. With the Control Frame Technology we are combining the stability of a square beam frame with the dynamism of a regular elliptic structure. In other words… we empower you with the control you demand

C² Evo Feel

C² Evo Feel

A cutting-edge technology incorporated in four different locations in the racquet for increased shock absorption and unrivaled comfort on every shot.

Control Frame Technology

Control Frame Technology

Developed to ensure maximum control, this technology combines the stability of a square beam frame with the dynamism of an elliptic beam structure.

Woofer System

Woofer System

The first and most effective frame-string interaction system that provides a longer ball and string contact time for greater control and comfort.

Technical Characteristics

Head Size
660 cm² / 102 in²
685 mm / 27 in
Weight (unstrung)
280 g +/- 7g / 9.9 oz
Balance (unstrung)
320 mm +/- 7mm
Swing Weight
Stringing Pattern
Stiffness (RA)


Recommended String
Xcel /RPM Team
Tension Recommended
23-25 Kg
Recommended Grip
Syntec Evo
Strung / Unstrung