Pure Drive 98 Unstrung

Pure Drive 98 Unstrung
Pure Drive 98 Unstrung
Pure Drive 98 Unstrung
Pure Drive 98 Unstrung
Pure Drive 98 Unstrung
Pure Drive 98 Unstrung
Pure Drive 98 Unstrung
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Want power and precision without compromise? Then you need the BABOLAT Pure Drive 98 tennis racquet. The combination of a 98 in² head, a thin 21/23/21 beam, and an optimized 16/19 string pattern brings control and precision to the powerful Pure Drive family.

The BABOLAT Pure Drive 98 tennis racquet is also available in matched pairs with a maximum weight difference of 1 gram.

Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.



We optimized the Pure Drive 98 weight and balance and added HTR technology, letting high-level players dominate with explosive power and confidence.


With a 98 in² head (632 cm²) and performance-enhanced polar inertia, the Pure Drive 98 is incredibly stable on impact, for more precision.


SWX technology provides excellent ball feel and perfect sensation.
HTR System

HTR System

The High Torsional Rigidity (HTR) system is a new lay-up composition in the hoop of the racquet for increased rigidity to produce explosive winners at will.

SWX Pure Feel

SWX Pure Feel

New technology featuring extended wrapping of SMAC technology, the cutting-edge vibration filtration system integrated in the lay-up composition, provides an unrivaled feel at ball impact and a unique sound on every shot.

Elliptic Frame

Elliptic Frame

Elliptical frame structure with optimal resistance and overall rigidity for phenomenal power.

Technical Characteristics

Head Size
630 cm² / 98 in²
685 mm / 27 in
Weight (unstrung)
305 g +/- 7g / 10.8 oz
Balance (unstrung)
325 mm +/- 7mm
Swing Weight
Stringing Pattern
Stiffness (RA)
74 -/+ 7
Recommended String
RPM Blast / RPM Power
Tension Recommended
23-27 Kg
Recommended Grip
Syntec Pro
Strung / Unstrung