B Fly 25

B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
B Fly 25
tennis racquet
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Tennis is definitely one of the hardest sports as a beginner. So, what are we doing about it? Well, we're making it easier for kids to learn so they can make quicker progress and have fun on the courts. We've worked closely with specialist partners to design a racquet just for kids: the B'Fly 25, which is lighter, easier to handle and more forgiving. Your future champion will love using this racquet with a fun, colorful design!
To make learning to play even easier and help kids master tennis basics, we've added teaching tools to the racquet. It's no coincidence that the B'Fly is recommended by 6000 coaches worldwide. The B'Fly 25 is designed for players who are 135 to 145 cm tall.



We've thought long and hard about how we can make it easier for kids to learn to play tennis. "Where do my hands go?" and "How do I hold the racquet to return a serve?" are questions beginners often ask. So, that's why this racquet comes with a teaching grip plus some visual aids on the frame. We wanted to help kids put their hands in the right places on the handle and have the right attitude when they step out on the court. Cool, isn't it?


Did you stop playing tennis when you were little because you found it too hard? Happily, things have now changed. These days, kids can enjoy state-of-the-art materials and innovations specially designed for young players. Our aluminium Ballfighter racquets are lightweight with a bigger head and a grip sized for kids to make learning the game easier and more fun.

Technical Characteristics

Head Size
677 cm² / 105 in²
635 mm / 25 in
Weight (unstrung)
218 g +/- 10g / 7.6897 oz
Balance (unstrung)
305 mm +/- 10mm
Swing Weight
Stringing Pattern
Kid Size for Racquet
51 - 55 in
20/20/20 (mm)
Recommended Grip
Strung / Unstrung