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PARTNERSHIP 19.11.2019

Babolat, “Official Racket and Stringing Service” of the 2019 Davis Cup

From November 18 to 24, Babolat will perform the “Official Racket and Stringing Service” of the Davis Cup Final in Madrid. It’s an honor for the brand that invented the tennis string, and a sign of confidence in Babolat from the organizers who wanted to engage the top experts to help make this first edition a success, explains Eric Ferrazi, the stringing team manager.

The Davis Cup is changing its format. It must be an honor to participate in this new formula?
In 1875, Babolat invented the string for tennis. Therefore, we are part of the origin and the evolution of this sport. We are here–and will always be here–to innovate. We are obviously very proud to participate in this first edition of the new formula. And we are committed to implementing our expertise to offer the best service to the players who request it.

We are obviously very proud to participate in this first edition of the new formula.

How does a fairly innovative final of this type affect your day-to-day work?
Unlike a tournament, we will follow teams and not players. Therefore, we must deliver a lot of rackets at the same time so that teams can have optimized, high-performing equipment. In addition, we’re prepared to be very responsive during these fast-paced matches, especially during the qualifying rounds at the beginning of the week.

Since we will know the participating players well in advance, will you prepare sheets on each to achieve your goal?
Not sheets; in fact, thanks to our tournament tracking software, we have a database of players from the tournaments where we have been the official stringer. In one click, we have a player’s history, habits, tensions and type of string.

Can you tell us more about the customization service you will implement?
As with Roland-Garros, we offer players our racket service. This includes our stringing service as well as preparation or adjustment of frames. We can verify their main racket specifications with them as we get closer, in order to provide the best possible service throughout the tournament.

We will be in indoor conditions. Does this mean changes in string tension as compared to outdoor play?
Some players change their tension, others do not. We pay close attention to players’ needs, and will advise them if they want to change their parameters. That’s why we’ll be in Madrid early, starting November 11 until November 24, to accompany the teams and refine their settings with them.

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