New Viper and Veron: new look, same prowess

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Published on 06/02/2023

Babolat kicks off 2023 with new designs for its Viper and Veron ranges. This year's new version comes with a new look for both ranges. In addition to the characteristic colours that distinguish each type of attacker, there are distinctive prints that add visual dynamism and movement on the court and reflect the personality of Babolat's three styles of players. 

New look, same objective: to win the point.

Clearly the brand understands the ambitions of padel players and knows that, on the court, we all want to score points and be attackers, asserting our own style. Babolat's precision in the development of racquets comes thanks to study and observation of the game and players, identifying three attacking profiles: Technical, Air and Counter, for which they have developed different racquets for different levels of play.

Technically incomparable. Power and precision are what define this type of player, who plays the game with perfect technique and tactics. Powerful smashes and technical moves like the famous « vibora » will be their best weapons to win the point. 

Fast and ultra-offensive. This type of player shoots whenever the chance arises, often appearing to be in the air, barely touching the ground. They love to fly around the court and get to the net whenever possible, demonstrating their speed.

Patient and counter-attacking. A player who follows their opponent's balls, returning them again and again, until the chance arises to approach the net and win the point.  They control the game by tiring out their opponents, winning duels with strong returns.

All this translates into powerful racquet ranges, with versions for every type of player. 

The Viper range, used by Juan Lebrón, WPT's number 1 professional player, are pure engineering and stand out for their explosive power. With unrivalled performance, it is perfect for players looking for power on fast shots, but is forgiving and comfortable on slower ones, thanks to its combination of carbon and X-EVA technology. 

The Veron racquets are pure dynamic power, the carbon power made accessible to all players thanks to the Carbon Flex. They are slightly softer than the Viper range, thanks to the combination of a new material that combines carbon and fibreglass, achieving a more dynamic, soft and flexible racquet. 

Discover the new Viper and Veron padel racquets with a different design that are perfect for any enthusiastic padel player.