Defiance Women

Defiance Women
Defiance Women
Defiance Women
Defiance Women
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A padel racquet should fit your needs. This is what drives us in Babolat when developing a racquet.

The Defiance Woman, thanks to its light weight and its soft materials will bring you comfort and effortless power. According to our observations and tests, this is what makes it adapted to you.

Let's adopt it and feel confident on the court!



The power of a racquet depends on the player using it. This is a reality and that's why we've used soft materials on this racquet so you can benefit the elasticity of the racquet's surface. You will have an effortless power that will help you to express the best of your game.


Thanks to its round shape and its head light balance, this racquet is the perfect one if you are looking for control. 


Maneuverability is a key feature at the time of choosing a racquet that will help you to express the best of your game. Thanks to its lighter weight, you will handle this racquet more easily helping you to get back the balls you usually can't or generate more power thank of your increased arm speed. It will also decrease your arm fatigue providing more endurance and more comfort.

Dynamic Stability System

Dynamic Stability System

The exclusive design of the heart of the racquet with its central reinforced bar improves racquet stability, provides more power, and increases control.

Holes Pattern System

Holes Pattern System

Optimized distribution and size of holes specific to each racquet shape optimizes power transmission and increases precision when returning shots.

Technical Characteristics

Player Typology
Head shape

FRAME: Carbon

SURFACE: Fiberglass

CORE: Medium density EVA

350 g +/- 10g
1.5 in
Balance Type
Head Light
Recommended grip
Syntec Uptake
Type of cover
No Cover