Choosing the right equipment is key to ensuring children gain pleasure and enjoyment from learning tennis. Babolat has teamed up with top experts to design racquets that enable you to fully blossom and develop in tennis.

Find the right racquet for your kid

Discover our unique approach specific to children

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Discover our unique approach specific to children

B'FLY & BALLFIGHTER, the range of racquets designed to make learning tennis easier

A smaller-sized grip for a better fit in the hand

Visual teaching aids to speed up the learning process

A thicker bumper guard for a better protected racquet

A sticker for customisation

A versatile open-string pattern for easy power generation

Lightweight racquets matched to their physical capabilities for better handling and manoeuvrability

Instructional tools to help your child develop and improve

Younger players need guidance in order to learn and have fun. This is why our racquets feature various visual training aids designed to instil the right habits in everything from racquet positioning to the different grips.

Children's racquets developed in partnership with experts

Babolat has partnered with the Inter-University Laboratory of Human Movement Biology in order to understand the morphological and biomechanical constraints of children and thus develop racquets specifically matched to their abilities.
The B'FLY BALLFIGHTER range has been tested and approved by children and their coaches at the Kids LAB Court 16, a pioneer in developing new methods of teaching tennis.

Your children, our inspiration

Children are central to our creative process.
Download the coloring pages and click the photo to send us your children's best drawings so that we can use them as inspiration to help us continue to create just the kinds of products they want.

Team Babolat pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.