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RACKETS 21.07.2017

The new Pure Drive:
pure power, pure sensation

The iconic Babolat racket reinvents itself with its latest model. With a new look and new design, it also integrates a new technology for more sensations while maintaining its legendary power. The Pure Drive racket has become a pillar of the Babolat brand and this launch is met with much anticipation.

A brand hopes for products that stand for several generations, and contribute to the brand heritage because they revolutionize the game: the Pure Drive is one of those products. The famous “blue one” as consumers have often fondly called it, is one of the best-selling rackets in the world and those that use it are a recognized as powerful players.

The “blue one”, is a legendary frame.

Generally, it is the players who are looking for power, who want to hit shots that hurts their opponents. We understand the challenge of modifying and improving the Pure Drive, explains Francois-Xavier Quesse, Global product manager: “When we want to update an existing model, the goal is to keep the DNA the same, while still bringing in technical and aesthetic improvements. This has been our process when developing the new Pure Drive. To rely on what works with the Pure Drive while still striving to evolve and improve our work and meeting the new expectations of the players.”

Don’t touch the DNA of the Pure Drive

This process has been led by taking into account feedback from our pros, coaches, ambassadors and partner academies (Mouratoglou, Rafael Nadal Academy, etc.). Concerning the current model: “Around the Pure Drive, there is a huge community that communicates on the internet and on forums. All changes and versions always create many reactions in the community. Obviously, we took into account all the feedback to propose a new Pure Drive which meets the expectations of the fans,” comments Francois-Xavier Quesse.

The Pure Drive, the icon

Babolat integrated a technology to continue to improve the feel of the racket. Known for its power, the new Pure Drive offers optimal comfort and feeling on every shot. Since the feel of the game is linked to several factors, especially vibration, the French brand has a major partnership with an accredited company that works with sports cars and the aeronautic market: SMAC. SMAC is specialized in vibration management in sectors where it is crucial to guarantee security and performance. After many tests, the conclusions have been clearly defined. The feel of the game is related to 2 factors: the duration and the vibration amplitude on each shot.

A unique shot sensation

After this study, technical choices were validated. “In specific places on the frame, special fibers developed by SMAC have been integrated to the structure of the racket with layers of graphite. It allows the racket to offer a unique feel,” explains Francois Xavier Quesse.

However, the launch of such an iconic product must also be accompanied by surprises. For the Pure Drive range, Babolat decided to create an additional innovation with the arrival of a model that hasn’t existed in the range before and that should excite all performance players. Its release is scheduled later in 2018.

Next, based off feedback from stringers and shops, changes have been made on the grommet and on the construction of the bumper.
If the technology is often something that you can’t see, there are also more visible elements in the Pure Drive that influence the feel. By this we mean the “look” of the frame which is where Babolat has also made innovative choices.

The comeback of the blue

This new version brought back the blue coloring, but a more electric version than ever before: “This blue symbolizes speed and power. We also selected it because we know that its color and brightness changes in different light. Some may feel that the previous model wasn’t inventive enough, so our goal was to modernize the origins of the Pure Drive. The blue is part of the Babolat origins and in every design element, we want to differentiate ourselves from the competition. The challenge is to propose a design that is in harmony with the benefits of the racket.” More modern, lively, faster, more “comfortable” and offering unique sensations, the new Pure Drive is ready for launch.

Pure Drive players have won 10 grand slam titles, the most recent by Garbiñe Muguruza in July 2017 at The Championships, Wimbledon.

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