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SHOES 16.05.2017

Jet, a real technological breakthrough in speed

Introduced in 2016, the Babolat Jet continues to raise the bar in performance, making it a unique shoe in its category.

Modern tennis is focused on one important criterion: speed. Being fast, anticipating – it’s all about gaining time, or, more specifically, it’s about taking time away from an opponent. This head start makes it possible to take the advantage and dictate points.

Today there are two types of players: those looking for a stable shoe with maximum support and those who want more agility and explosiveness. The Jet fits in the second category, while the Babolat Propulse belongs in the first. With Jet, Babolat shakes things up by integrating never-before innovative new high-tech components.

Babolat chose to partner with leaders in their fields to bring together all the necessary know-how and expertise in creating this innovative shoe. On the starting line, there’s of course the Michelin brand with which Babolat embarked on this shoe adventure more than 10 years ago. At Michelin’s side, a newcomer to build the Jet shoe: Chamatex. A French specialist in ultra-technical fabrics, Chamatex designs and manufactures motor racing outfits, among others. This Ardèche company immediately joined the Jet project, centered on the three strong points of a high tech shoe: dynamism, support and responsiveness

The challenge was daunting because this kind of revolution in footwear hadn’t been done before. It required a truly inventive approach. After many experiments, Matryx® technology was born. A one-piece multifunctional composite fabric made of Kevlar® yarn and high tenacity polyamide, this proprietary, patented technology ensures precise functions at each part of the foot. The result is a unlimited freedom of movement with a minimalist use of material. With 315 grams in UK size 8.5, the Jet is one of the lightest in its class, without compromising on the support needed for the intense movements of tennis. The unique one-piece upper is woven into zones with varying levels of density – more dense to guarantee durability in areas that experience a lot of friction such as during lateral movements and slides, and less on the front creating areas of breathability,” says Mateo Castro, Babolat Shoe Development Engineer.

Thanks to feedback from the field, Babolat was able to improve some criteria during the first year of Jet in 2016, and made the decision to continue to set the gold standard for light footwear. The 2017 Jet is even more reactive than its predecessor. To succeed in this challenge, we collaborated with Michelin to revise the structure of the sole by reducing its thickness without changing performance, dynamism or durability,” comments Mateo Castro. “I was immediately attracted to the change and not disappointed when I tested it. The Jet is everything I look for in a tennis shoe. Comfort, but also lightness, is essential for my performance. Players often talk about their racket and their strings, but rarely their shoes, yet they are also important. I also chose the Jet because Babolat assured me that it’s perfectly adapted to my technique, form and movements,” explains Federico Delbonis, Argentinian tennis star, victorious in Jet against Ivo Karlovic, scoring the Davis Cup final winning point in Croatia last December. “This shoe brought me luck,” Federico commented with a broad smile.

Jet is a product unlike any other. This ambitious technical project confirms Babolat’s success in bringing together the best in the industry – a synergy of skills – to offer products ahead of their time.

Babolat is writing a new page in the field of innovation, faithful to the idea of ​​breaking traditions and habits, while always striving to improve the performance and sensations of players. The Jet has also been adapted for all surfaces, and the female version completes the range with two very trendy colors. “After a successful launch in 2016 we are now consolidating our achievements and conquering the players who have not yet tried the Jet. If a racket grip gives you sensations when you hit a ball, the shoe remains an even more sensitive field. Undeniably, the Jet provides a unique and unparalleled experience. Ready for takeoff?

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