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CONNECTED 26.05.2017

Tennis never stops with the new Babolat app

In 2017, Babolat launches its new app, free, and open for all. This new app allows passionate tennis players all around the world to live their tennis life at any time, to share with their community, and to benefit from exclusive services.

The introduction of connected tennis with the Play racquet and the POP wristband confirmed that tennis players of all ages want to learn more about their game and share that data with their tennis communities. With these innovative products, Babolat was able to create a new market and provide information revolutionary to the game of tennis.

Babolat’s analysis of these connected products also shows that the tennis community wants to share not only their own performances but also track those of their favorite champions.

“We received a lot of feedback about the app launched three years ago with many remarks and a lot of ideas. We wanted to bring answers to those new expectations for an app that unites people from all over the world, not only those who play with connected products,” explains the project manager, Florent Isidore.

Faced with this challenge, Babolat chose to provide enthusiasts with a range of services that allows everyone to communicate on their daily life as a tennis lover, while being connected to tennis news around the world and the performances of their favorite champions.

“We felt it was necessary to introduce a newsfeed with the pro players’ performances. But, we insisted that the experiences should be that of the player and fan. This implies the ability to access a passion everywhere at any time from the app. I get out of work, I want to see Rafa’s latest result, so I consult the app. I am at a bus stop, I want to see what my friends are doing, I go to the social network on the app. As I’m leaving practice, I enter the information to keep track of my training. I attend a match at Roland-Garros, I post a photo on my wall. I am on my sofa, I watch the last video of Jo” adds Alexandre Israel, the product Manager summarizing the main functionalities of this app.

“To be able to access their passion everywhere at any time”

Thus, the Babolat app is a solution for players who didn’t have a unique place to organize and access all their tennis needs. As a result, the player will be able to create their own customized space in order to archive performances, results, tennis calendar, and even equipment.

In this space, users can find results of pro players and their profiles in which they can see nationality, ranking, and last match. Users can follow their favorite players and friends to access their information on their newsfeed.

In addition, a new social network exclusive to tennis will allow players to share their tennis impressions, contents and photos with other enthusiasts. The tennis life now goes beyond the court and will be enhanced through a new digital club.

Exclusive content

Finally, the app will allow users to access exclusive content about our pro players’ training and lifestyle off the court. Users will get access to behind the scenes content at partner tournaments as well as a first look at new products and an inside view of their development.

To broaden its scope, Babolat created new opportunities by launching its app in 8 languages (Japanese, Italian, French, Spanish, German, English, Portuguese, Russian). “Tennis is an international sport and Babolat is distributed worldwide. It was mandatory to target all the players on the 5 continents. Babolat possesses an important team with charismatic players. We know that they are ready to unveil themselves a little more, to share their experiences, their careers, their impressions. The stake of the app is to create a relationship between the community and their champions, and in today’s technological era, it couldn’t come at a better time,” comments Philippe Jullien.

To share unique moments with our players

The app will turn into a real exchange platform where enthusiasts and pros alike will have the opportunity to talk and challenge each other. As a brand, Babolat has always strived to be one step ahead, and today the company is proud to deliver this innovation.

“Social media has transformed the relationships between stars and passionate tennis players. Today, they share a permanent flow of information and a champion’s brand must adapt itself to this new practice. The goal is to share more unique moments with our players. They are convinced, like us, that it contributes to build stronger relationships with the community,” concludes Philippe Jullien.

The Babolat app represents a new important step of the brand’s development into the digital age, which has one goal: to satisfy tennis lovers. By innovating in this way, it creates a privileged space for passionate players to access their own tennis networks right at their fingertips.

  Babolat Play already integrated  

An app update will integrate current Babolat Play users into the new app.

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