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No court required: How to train during self-quarantine

Babolat Coaches share their tips for training at home. Players of all levels can practice simple drills to stay fit and be ready to hit the courts!

Around the world, people are isolating to help slow the spread of the coronavirus. While courts and clubs may be closed, players can still train with workouts at home. Babolat asked its ambassador coaches to share their advice for training during self-quarantine.

Conditioning routines, footwork drills and coordination exercises – Babolat coaches recommend a variety of simple activities that players can do with limited space, and with little or no equipment. Inside (entry way, bedroom, garage) or outside (terrace, grassy area) in nice weather, players choose the best place for their tennis workout. All that’s needed is enough room to take a few steps in any direction and a little imagination to adapt the activities. By keeping active, players can maintain and even improve their skills until it’s time to get back on the courts!

For inspiration, check out these videos created by Babolat ambassadors Toni Nadal and Gil Bauchiere. Players of all levels will find these tips helpful.

Toni Nadal (SPA): Longtime coach of Rafa Nadal

Insider Tip: “Take advantage of this time. The most important thing is to keep an active mind so that when you return to the tennis court, it will be easier.”

Gil Bauchiere (FRA): Teaching professional

Insider Tip: “Remember the nutrition basics: eat a balanced diet, resist snacking between meals, and hydrate regularly.”

This is an ideal time to establish a new routine. Players should create a schedule that includes dedicated time for work, physical activity, healthy meals, and restful sleep. They can also build in time for tennis research, watching classic matches for inspiration, or inviting friends to a virtual tennis workout.

Thanks to all the Babolat coaches for helping spread positivity with these training tips. Check out Babolat’s social channels for other creative home training ideas. Stay healthy and see you soon on the courts! #BabolatFamily

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