RPM Blast + RPM Soft

RPM Blast + RPM Soft
RPM Blast + RPM Soft
RPM Blast + RPM Soft
RPM Blast + RPM Soft
RPM Blast + RPM Soft
tennis string
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Colour Black/Grey


Want to develop your spin? With the hybrid RPM Blast + RPM Soft tennis string, you can maximise spin in a way that suits your playing style. It's the perfect combination for developing players looking for spin with a touch of comfort. 

Your racquet's strings are its driving force. In fact, they account for half its performance. In other words, you need to choose carefully. We invented tennis strings in 1875. Since then, we've been coming up with innovations to help you play your best game and have ever more fun on the court.



Use the combination to suit you. 

This hybrid combination gives you the best possible spin with RPM Blast on the mains. 


RPM Soft makes the impact of the ball feel softer and more comfortable than with a 100% copolyester string. 


The combination of two different strings reduces friction temperature to make them last longer.

Technical Characteristics

12 m
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