Pure Aero + Unstrung

Pure Aero + Unstrung
Pure Aero + Unstrung
Pure Aero + Unstrung
Pure Aero + Unstrung
Pure Aero + Unstrung
Pure Aero + Unstrung
Pure Aero + Unstrung
tennis racquet
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Always looking to use spin to dominate the game and get your opponent tearing around the court? The new Pure Aero range has a new approach fully focused on you and your game!  

BABOLAT has created this eighth-generation spin machine after watching endless matches to cater to each player in pursuit of the ultimate spin. No matter your body shape, when you hit on the rise, or your playing style, you'll find this range brings out the spin within you! 

Be like Rafael Nadal, Leylah Fernandez, Félix Auger-Aliassime and Carlos Alcaraz, and hit the courts with your Pure Aero!

Known for your powerful shots? Want to be in charge of rallies, controlling exactly where the ball goes? Then choose Pure Aero. This extended model gives you extra power and better angles on the serve. 

Team BABOLAT pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.



Are you an aggressive player who wants to dominate rallies with power and spin? This new Pure Aero has a new string pattern, meaning you can commit to the stroke for extra spin and control exactly where the ball goes. 


With your punching style, you need to direct the ball precisely where you want it. The added flax fibres in the frame give you more feel and a clearer impact, so you can lead rallies even more effectively.


This new Pure Aero works like an extension of your arms, channelling your natural power to dominate your opponent and send them scampering all around the court.



Flax inserts at strategic locations in the frame create optimal shock absorption and sound quality for an exceptional playing experience.



A new string pattern featuring spin grommets positioned at the top and bottom of the racquet head enables the strings to move more freely creating greater spin. The Woofer system increases the contact time between the ball and strings for improved feel and more control.

Aeromodular 3

Aeromodular 3

An aerodynamic frame integrating the bumper and grommets increases your racquet head speed and spin generation.

Technical Characteristics

Head Size
645 cm²
700 mm
Weight (unstrung)
300 g +/- 7g
Balance (unstrung)
320 mm +/- 7mm
Swing Weight
Stringing Pattern
Stiffness (RA)
69 + / - 3
Recommended String
RPM Blast / RPM Rough
Tension Recommended
23-27 Kg
Recommended Grip
Syntec Pro
Strung / Unstrung