A new model for the iconic Babolat Pure Drive range

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Published on 25/01/2023

Babolat is launching the PURE DRIVE 98 racquet this month to complement the iconic Pure Drive range, the 10th generation originally introduced in 1994.   

The PURE DRIVE 98 offers players the perfect balance of power and precision, while providing stability and a unique feel at impact. 

Weighing 305  grams  (10.8  ounces)  and  a  98  in2  (630  cm²)  head,  this  is  the  heaviest racquet in the PURE DRIVE range, giving extra power at impact and more accuracy than the standard 100 in2 (645 cm²) racquet. 

FSI Power  Technology  facilitates  frame-string  interaction  by  combining  a  16-main  x  19-cross  string  pattern  and diamond  grommet  shapes  for  a  larger sweet spot and maximum power for technically proficient players.The Woofer System accentuates the trampoline effect to generate maximum power. The Babolat  PURE  DRIVE  98  racquet  is  also  equipped  with  the  HTR  (High  Torsional Rigidity) system, which increases the rigidity in the hoop, combined with  the  elliptical  frame  structure  allows  greater  energy  return  to  ensure  explosive power with every shot and the ability to hit winners at will.

The PURE DRIVE 98 can be purchased in singles or as matched pairs. The two matched tennis racquets have a maximum weight difference of 1 gram, well below the industry standard, to meet players’ precision needs.   

Head size: 630 cm²/98 sq.in
Weight: 305 g/10.8 oz 

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