Babolat launches the first Juan Lebron apparel collection

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Published on 11/05/2023

With today’s launch of the Juan Lebrón apparel collection, Babolat is reaffirming its position as a front-line name in padel, as the world number 1 is now not only 100% equipped by the brand, but with his very own equipment.

The French family-owned company is launching a set of shirts, shorts and hoodies to be worn by the padel world No 1 Juan Lebrón, all of which have his own personal wolf logo on it – based on Lebrón’s nickname ‘El lobo’. With Babolat already providing the Spaniard’s shoes (Jet Premura 2) and his distinctive racquet (Technical Viper Juan Lebron), the world’s best player is now fully equipped by the growing brand.

“Our history with Juan Lebron continues to grow,” says Eric Babolat, head of the Lyon-based company founded by his great-great-grandfather in 1875. “Not only is it a very rewarding partnership with a top-class athlete on the global stage, but it reinforces Babolat’s position as a leading name in padel after more than 20 years’ investment in this growing sport.”

Babolat began working with the 28-year-old Andalusian in 2016 after the world championships in Cascais, Portugal. Over the years, Lebrón has become the first Spanish-born player to top the world rankings in a sport in which Spain is very strong, and ending the season at the top of the rankings four years in a row (world number 1 in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022).

The growing partnership has led to Babolat designing a special collection for Lebrón, made with a fiber dry fabric that takes into account the comfort of the player when playing at full intensity. The company discussed fabrics, colours, and matching designs with the Spaniard in order to develop a ‘spirit of Juan’ that governs the collection. His style is more classic chic than jazzy designs and colours, so the result is an understated but eye-catching set of sportswear.

The three main colours are turquoise, white and black in interchangeable combinations. Perhaps the most popular combination will be the predominantly white shirt with turquoise sleeves and black shorts. All items in the collection have the Babolat logo on the left and Lebrón’s own ‘El lobo’ logo on the right.

Team babolat pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.

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