Babolat, official stringer of the Mutua Madrid Open tournament

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Published on 25/04/2024

Babolat, world leader in racquets, strings and tennis equipment, continues its partnership with the Mutua Madrid Open as official stringer for the third consecutive year, in this new 2024 edition.

The official Babolat racquet preparation service will be provided by a team of international specialists who prepare the racquets of the top players in the ATP and WTA rankings, in strict and meticulous compliance with their requirements. No fewer than 16 stringing machines and 16 stringers of five different nationalities will be mobilized throughout the tournament, which runs from April 22 to May 5. Already present in 2023, Babolat strung over 3,414 racquets for the tour's professionals.

Since Pierre Babolat invented the first natural gut strings for tennis racquets in 1875, a year after the rules of tennis were established, the brand has continued to innovate, making an indelible mark on the history of the sport. In 1925, Albert, who succeeded his father, created the VS reference. A revolutionary natural string made famous by the French Musketeers of tennis (Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, René Lacoste and Henri Cochet) and Suzanne Lenglen. The reputation of VS strings extends to all playing surfaces and all regions of the world. As a privileged witness to the evolution of tennis, Paul Babolat continued to innovate in order to offer players ever more suitable and accessible equipment. In 1955, he created "Elascord", the brand's first synthetic string (nylon). This innovation enabled players to better adapt their strings to their specific playing style.

The launch of the RPM Blast string in 2010, an innovative monofilament with an octagonal shape and black color, confirms Babolat's dominance of the string market, enabling players like Rafael Nadal and Carlos Alcaraz to achieve even greater ball spin and depth. Leader in the monofilament segment, dedicated to expert players, Babolat is also innovating for club players, with the latest addition to the range, Xalt (2023): a multifilament string featuring two patented technologies, offering exceptional comfort with every stroke.

A major player in racquet sports, Babolat also invented the first electric stringing machine in the 70s. Always focused on innovation, the company remains at the forefront of tennis and continues to be involved in major tournaments on the professional circuit.

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