New Jet Tere 2 and SFX Evo shoes

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Published on 29/03/2024

Commitment to expertise has always been at the heart of Babolat, and the new JET TERE 2 and SFX EVO shoes are the perfect illustration of this. With these new generations of shoes, Babolat proudly celebrates its close collaboration with Michelin, a partnership that has lasted for over two decades.

The lightest shoe in its range, the JET TERE 2 offers exceptional maneuverability and is perfectly suited to the needs of agile, fast club players looking for comfort. In fact, it was through observation and discussion with these players that we decided to make this model more comfortable and more stable. The result: a new generation of JET TERE that's far more versatile, supporting players both when moving sideways at the back of the court, and when racing forward to close out points on the volley.

On the other hand, the SFX EVO offers unrivalled comfort right from the outset. Its meticulous design, combined with a more generous forefoot volume, makes this shoe an essential ally for those whose feet are described as strong and rather wide. For Babolat, comfort, flexibility and versatility are at the heart of the SFX EVO design. Michelin has been a partner of Babolat for over twenty years, providing expertise and innovation in shoe design.

The new SFX EVO effectively supports the ankle and the back of the foot, while offering more space in the front to ensure an optimal balance between safety and fluidity in the movements demanded by tennis. The SFX EVO isn't just a tennis shoe, it's a guarantee of balance between comfort, looks and durability. Note that for standard feet, it's advisable to take a half-size or even a size smaller than your usual shoe size.

By teaming up once again with Michelin and its expertise in the field of soles, Babolat offers increased durability by reducing the wear associated with the specific movements of tennis. Michelin Premium rubber is the most durable formulation ever developed. The longevity of the collaboration with Michelin testifies not only to the mutual trust between the two brands, but also to Babolat's ongoing commitment to pushing back the boundaries of innovation.

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