Babolat launches a limited edition tennis shoe with the Benoit Paire logo

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Published on 21/05/2024

Babolat, Célio and Benoit Paire have collaborated to co-develop 100% competition equipment for the 2024 clay court season. As a result, Babolat is launching the Propulse Fury 3 Benoît Paire tennis shoe, which combines dynamism, comfort, durability and support. This limited-edition model matches the player's apparel and is embellished with emojis recalling the charismatic personality of the player, who was 18th in the world in 2016 and who still ignites passion at tournaments.

A birthday worth celebrating. Benoit Paire turned 35 on 8 May this year. That was the day Babolat chose to release a Propulse Fury 3 shoe in his name, customised with his image, even though the French player is already wearing the original Propulse Fury 3 model, the brand's benchmark for stability. This new limited edition shoe (900 pairs worldwide) sells for €160 and has been specially designed for clay, featuring an ochre stripe echoing the colour of the clay surface.

Benoît Paire has been a Babolat partner since 2012 and plays on the circuit with the Babolat Pure Aero racquet, the ‘spin’ pillar of the Babolat range.

This unique and limited version of the Babolat Propulse Fury was inspired by Benoit Paire's impetuous character, style of play and remarkable good looks. There are a number of nods to Benoit Paire, including his three iconic pictograms (racquet, cocktail, and cat). The 'power belt' sign, indicating the shoe's technical reinforcement, has also been removed and replaced by 'power Ben'. Another version of the Propulse Fury 3 Benoit Paire, which was also co-developed with Célio and the player, will be released in a modified colourway for the US Open in August.

The Propulse Fury 3 Benoit Paire enjoys the same outstanding features as the Propulse Fury 3. Featuring a Michelin sole specially designed for clay, the result of technical collaboration with Michelin to optimise durability, it offers full, unparalleled support for the foot while maximising ground anchoring and body rotation to enhance the effect of each stroke.

The integrated sock liner (360° fit) ensures that the player's feet benefit from a wrap-around feel for absolute comfort. In addition, the KPRS-X technology protects the entire heel and enhances cushioning and shock absorption. A unique, elegant, high-performance product.

Team babolat pro players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted.

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