Precision is a key element of the game.

Without it, it’s impossible to exploit your opponent's half or play close to the lines.

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Badminton Satelite Origin

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Badminton Satelite Origin

Precision is essential to clinching those points.

Getting the shuttlecock where you want is probably the most difficult thing about badminton, not to mention the most satisfying, and we’ve redesigned the structure of the racquet to help you pull off the perfect shot more easily.

Your racquet: Your connection to the shuttlecock

The racquet connects your hand to the shuttlecock and every part of it is designed to give the racquet a unique characteristic. The key factor in harnessing its precision is the shaft.

A short shaft: the key element

Shortening the length of the shaft helps improve precision by bringing the head closer to the hand.
This 662mm shaft provides the best level of precision while maintaining the power needed for versatile play.