Xalt 12M

Xalt 12M
Xalt 12M
Xalt 12M
Xalt 12M
Xalt 12M
Xalt 12M
Xalt 12M
Xalt 12M
Xalt 12M
tennis string
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Color White Spiral


Looking for a tennis string that combines comfort, control, and responsiveness? Equipped with your Xalt string, you will easily hit controlled and reactive shots while maintaining durability. Made in France without solvent. Time to enjoy an exalted moment of tennis!

Your strings are the engine of your racquet. Half of your racquet’s performance comes from your strings. Which means choosing the right string is important. We invented tennis string in 1875. And we’ve been innovating ever since, so you can play your best and enjoy the game more than ever.



Its multifilaments matrix structure ensure a great vibrations absorption and a pure feeling when hitting the ball, to always enjoy your tennis sessions


To hit precise strikes with controlled trajectories and maintain the control on every point even when you want to play faster


A reactive string with a firmer impact due to the specific polyamide fibers, that brings you the adapted response to your strike intensity

Technical Characteristics

String Type
Multi Filaments
12 m / 39 ft
Made In