RPM Soft 200M

RPM Soft 200M
RPM Soft 200M
RPM Soft 200M
RPM Soft 200M
RPM Soft 200M
tennis string

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Because the strings are your racquet’s powerhouse, it is important to choose them well. We invented the 1875 tennis strings and have been constantly inventing ever since. Do your multifilament strings break too quickly? Are you looking for a monofilament that’s more comfortable for your arm? Check out our latest innovation that combines the best of both worlds. The new RPM SOFT polyamide monofilament is more durable than a multifilament and more comfortable than a polyester monofilament.

From 01/07 onwards, you may receive the old or new packaging at random, while inventories of the old packaging last. The product remains identical regardless of the packaging.



Polyamide material that offers greater flexibility than polyesters or co-polyesters in the monofilament family for excellent comfort


Its monofilament structure has a longer life cycle than a polyamide multifilament. The double coating with aramide further increases its durability.


The RPM SOFT’s polyamide composition optimises the string’s movement for players who generate little spin. The ideal string for players starting with monofilament without frequent breaks yet.

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