RH Perf Padel

RH Perf Padel
RH Perf Padel
RH Perf Padel
RH Perf Padel
RH Perf Padel
RH Perf Padel
RH Perf Padel
RH Perf Padel
RH Perf Padel
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It's easy to organize your things and spend all day on court when you load up the Babolat RH Perf Padel bag. Innovative and spacious, this bag is a must have for the serious player with lots of gear. Developed for the most demanding players, this insulated bag features three protected compartments with enough space for all your equipment. The ultra-hard-wearing outer is waterproof and durable.

Warning, this bag is awesome.


Maximum protection

We've selected a highly durable waterproof outer for the best protection. The hard-wearing lining is made of our new white insulated material. This bag is also easier to clean: just wipe it with a sponge.

Designed for padel

Not enough space on the bench for your bag? We've added a carabiner to the back so you can attach it to the court fencing and access all your padel equipment more easily!


Use the separator to organise things in your own way and for maximum protection. Load your racquets vertically for the best layout. The sides are good for tubes of balls, water bottles and other small items.
Durable Insulated Compartement

Durable Insulated Compartement

New EXTRA durable, light, recyclable and dye-free insulated fabric to keep your racquets safe from a wide range of temperatures and thermal variations.

Technical Characteristics

Racket Capacity
52 l
30 x 37 x 60 cm / 12 x 14.5 x 23 in
Number of Insulated Compartments
Number of Handles
Number of Straps

40% PVC

40% polyethylene PE

10% Virgin polyester

5% polyurethane PU

5% EVA