Babolat & Tennis Point : Opening of a new racquet sports flagship in Paris & launch of the "Tennis is us" foundation

On Monday November 1st, specialist multi-brand retailer Tennis Point opened France’s largest sports racquets sales outlet in a 700 sq.m. flagship store on avenue des Ternes in Paris. This premium concept store carries a complete range of tennis, padel, and badminton equipment. Located in the center of the capital, the new outlet is set to become a favorite with racquet sports enthusiasts. 

The opening provided an opportunity to bring together three leading figures on the international tennis scene: Christian Miele, CEO of Tennis Point, Eric Babolat, president of the company of the same name, and iconic Team Babolat player Rafael Nadal, who was specially invited to the opening by his equipment supplier to talk about the Rafa Nadal Academy and other topics.

All three have worked tirelessly to inject new energy into the sector by challenging conventions and reinvigorating tennis to lead it into a new era.
This new momentum includes the creation of the Tennis is us foundation, a highly innovative initiative launched jointly by Tennis Point, Babolat and other actors from the world of racquet sports.
Officially presented on November 1st, 2021, its aim is to give tennis clubs around the world a new lease of life in a bid to continue attracting new players.

Tennis is us aspires to adapt the ingredients that made clubs an early success to current practices, aspirations and demands. The idea is to provide players of all ages, men and women, competitors and amateurs, regulars and members who have not played for a while, beginners and experts with a lively space where they can meet and spend time together.
It will also help clubs think creatively: will members do more than play tennis in tennis clubs in the future? Nothing is less certain, which is why it’s important to foster other disciplines and experiences and offer members the chance to enjoy them.

The foundation will fund a team of employees whose mission will be to support clubs wishing to scale up their facilities and services but who often do not know where or how to start. It will employ experts in areas including legal affairs, facilities development, technology, administration, governance and organization, and provide advice to start-ups specialized in improving club management. 

“For nearly 150 years, Babolat has been at the heart of the game, as a local partner of tennis clubs, where people live their passion. Through this network of clubs, coaches and retail outlets, and thanks to our close involvement in the field, we’re constantly striving to move practice forward and innovate for the future. By actively supporting and developing an initiative like Tennis is us, we are looking ahead to the future of both our sport and our business. This is absolutely vital if we still want to be here in 150 years’ time”, says Eric Babolat.