Tips for playing padel in summer

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Published on 07/03/24

While playing padel last winter, how many times did we think: "I can't wait for summer, when it's warm, and I can play without being cold"?

Well, now summer is here! Playing in natural light until late in the afternoon, taking a dip in the pool after a padel match, the smell of sunscreen. What good energy!

But all that glitters is not gold, you have to be extremely careful with the heat. Besides the high temperatures, the heat influences the humidity in different ways, depending on your location. Here are some tips for you to enjoy your favorite sport this summer:

1. Dehydration : It's important to drink water or beverages that include mineral salts, such as an isotonic drink, to replenish the electrolytes we lose while sweating and to avoid, among other things, cramps.

2. The sun's rays provide us with vitamin D, which is essential for our bodies, but we should avoid playing in the middle of the day when the sun is strong, because we could get sunburn. And if you do play in the middle of the day, use sunscreen. Using sunscreen specifically designed for sports is a good option. Wearing a cap or visor will also help protect your face from the sun.

3. Taking care of our precious feet : Feet tend to swell due to heat and high temperatures. And if we wear shoes that don't breathe well, this can affect the feet even more.Our 100% padel shoes offer maximum breathability and cooling, thanks to their Matryx® fabric and help protect our precious feet, which we work so hard when playing padel, so they can be ready for the next match.

4. Hands and sweat : Another area of our body that is also affected by excessive sweating is our hands. And there's nothing more annoying than that feeling that "you're losing your grip" on the racquet. Right? To avoid this, it's essential to change to a padel grip that offers more adhesion and that prevents the racquet from slipping, such as the Pro Response model.

5. Heat stroke : When temperatures are extreme, our body undergoes changes in order to balance the body temperature. It's best to play early in the morning or late in the afternoon, when the temperature is a little cooler. And if you can't change the time of your match, it's best to play on courts where there is shade.

6. Recovery : An adequate recovery is important. Replenish your strength and let your muscles rest after an intense game of padel. Take a cool shower, or a refreshing dip in the pool. Rehydrate and eat, and you’ll be as good as new for your next match.

7. That most precious piece of equipment : our padel racquet. How could we forget about it? It’s also important to protect your racquet from extreme temperatures. Heat can deform and alter the structure of your racquet, making it less rigid, less precise and less powerful.

It's essential to have a good padel racquet backpack or padel bag with a thermal compartment to insulate your racquet from the outside temperature.

Remember to keep your racquet in a bag if you're leaving it in the trunk of your car, or if leaving it in the sun when you're not playing, so you don’t expose your racquet to the sun’s heat. Use a racquet backpack and always try to keep it in the shade.

We love summer, and we love playing padel even more!

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