The shoe worn by the best player in the world

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Published on 04/11/23

Juan Lebrón becoming part of the Babolat family was the start of a new era for both the brand and ambassador, working together on ideas to develop products and designs and forging a long-term relationship.

A few months ago, we released Lebrón's new racket, today, Babolat and the World No. 1 padel player are launching an exclusive shoe design, inspired by the colors associated with the player. Presenting the new Jet Premura 2 Juan Lebrón. Now you too can play like "El Lobo."

The Jet Premura 2 Juan Lebrón shoes have an innovative design with two large air vents on the upper, making them ultra-breathable. With an even more flexible sole, you'll notice agility and ease of movement like never before, so you can attack and return even the toughest balls.

With a narrower design incorporating the latest Martyx technology, the Jet Premura 2 Juan Lebrón padel shoe is ultra-light without compromising on grip. You'll fly over the court. In addition, the specific padel sole has been redesigned in collaboration with Michelin to offer the perfect combination of grip, flexibility, and durability.

Two large air vents on the upper and an air-cushioned sole make the Jet Premura 2 significantly more breathable, keeping the foot totally fresh and comfortable whether you're training or playing a long, intense match.

The KPRSX system now protects the heel area for increased shock absorption in any position. With the additional grooves on the front part of the foot and the special tread to grip the court, you'll have better traction and an unequalled smoothness of movement, no matter what stroke your using. Babolat and Juan Lebrón have created a unique padel shoe with colours that add character and personality, and the sign of "El Lobo" as an exclusive finishing touch.