Babolat presents the new racquet of the world's number one padel player: Technical Viper Juan Lebrón

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Published on 11/24/22

Today, November 24th, Babolat launches the new Technical Viper Juan Lebrón racquet, which combines explosive power with maximum precision, giving you optimal control with every shot.
Juan Lebrón has already made his mark on the history of Babolat, which has him among its family of great players. Now, the bond between the player and the brand has resulted in a collaborative effort to create a unique and exclusive racquet, which will help Lebrón continue accumulating victories and remain unbeatable on the court.

What makes this racquet perfect for Lebrón? 

The Technical Viper Juan Lebrón offers every player power and precision for attacking shots – exactly what a technical striker like Lebrón needs to direct the ball precisely where he wants it to go, helping him to optimise his technique and strength. Thanks to its diamond-shaped hole pattern, this racquet gives Lebrón pin-point precision with every shot.

The combination of carbon and X-EVA technology provides explosive power and maximum intensity without compromising on playability. To compensate for any rigidity, this professional racquet features VIBRASORB SYSTEM technology, Powered by SMAC, made from an elastomer material integrated into the construction of the racquet designed by the Babolat’s R&D Team. This makes the racquet easy to handle and prevents injury, which is another reason why it’s perfect for El Lobo. The racquet weighs 365g, increasing manoeuvrability.

A design that makes all the difference

One aspect that makes this racquet especially unique is its custom design, featuring Juan Lebrón’s name and the El Lobo logo, which is associated with the player because of his genius and ferocity on the court.

The wolf image – which has become synonymous with the number one Padel player – features on the centre of the racquet in neon blue against a dark background with a gloss finish, in keeping with the design of Lebrón’s other racquets to date. The whole racquet is framed in bright red, Babolat’s trademark colour for “technical strikers”, which in turn inspires victory and determination, as well as highlighting the elegant details. 

Fans of El Lobo needn’t content themselves with howling their idol to victory from the stands – now they can own the very same racquet he uses to set milestones and make padel history. 

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