Jet Premura 2, the number one padel shoe with optimal breathability

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Published on 11/09/22

Babolat's signature shoe made specifically for padel has been given an innovative new design that offers exceptional comfort and breathability.

Created towards the end of 2019, the Jet Premura has now become firmly established as the ideal shoe for padel players looking for optimal safety and speed on the court. It was awarded Best Padel Shoe for two consecutive years (2019 and 2020) by Padel Spain. 
Now, Spain's number one padel player, Juan Lebrón, is set to play in the new Jet Premura 2. This distinctive, unique shoe is specifically geared towards padel players who want agility, confidence, and comfort on the court, as well as optimal breathability from their footwear. 

This model, which Babolat designed specially with padel players in mind, provides comfort, perfect grip on any surface and flexibility with every step. Babolat is now introducing the Jet Premura 2, a shoe that maintains the incredible characteristics of the original, but also provides extraordinary breathability for a new, improved edition that will not disappoint padel lovers.



The main evolution distinguishing the Jet Premura 2 from its predecessor is increased breathability. The Jet Premura 2 features two large ventilation areas on the sides, as well as a new micro-perforated insole that absorbs foot perspiration. The sole also has two small new ventilation windows in the arch area of the foot to facilitate air flow. 
These new features significantly increase breathability, reducing overheating and friction points on the foot for optimal comfort, both during training and in the most intense matches.



Like its predecessor, the Jet Premura 2 retains the lightweight, dynamic design that makes the shoe unique, without compromising on perfect fit and support. This is made possible thanks to a snug fit and the implementation of advanced MatryxEVO technology. The result of this combination is a shoe from Babolat that provides excellent stability for your every movement, as well as a perfect fit.



Babolat teamed up with Michelin on the design of this new model to create the best possible sole, redesigned and developed especially for padel. This new model maintains the innovative features of the original Jet Premura, offering the ideal combination of cushioning, flexibility, and durability.
The KPRSX system has evolved to protect the entire heel area and absorb shocks, no matter what moves you bring to the court. The additional forefoot openings and 360º FLEX structure, specifically designed for padel, still feature on this new model, giving you incomparable grip and fluidity with every movement and therefore helping you minimise the risk of injury.