How to choose a badminton
racquet ?

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Published on 10/10/23

Choosing the right badminton racquet is crucial if you want to make rapid progress. It's important to remember that every racquet model has its own specific features, and that not all racquets are suited to every physique, level and style of play. Here's a short guide to help you choose your first or new badminton racquet.

Ease of handling, the key to beginner's badminton

When you're just starting out and looking for a racquet, one of your selection criteria should be that the racquet is easy to handle. There are several factors to consider when choosing a racquet: stiffness, balance and weight. Players who want to make rapid progress should choose a lightweight racquet with a handle heavy design.

The Babolat I-Pulse range is the perfect choice. The I-Pulse Essential, weighing just 84 grams, is a highly flexible and versatile racquet, making it an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate players. On the other hand, if you're a beginner who wants a racquet that lets you unleash your power, the I-Pulse Blast, which is more difficult to handle, will give you even more power.

To help you choose your racquet, Babolat has developed the racquet selector to guide you when choosing a racquet that matches your playing style and badminton experience.

Control and precision are essential for advanced players

If you play in a club every week and want to improve your game with a new racquet, you'll probably want to consider two main criteria: control and precision. For greater control and precision, you should choose a shorter, lighter, stiffer racquet with a handle heavy design.

To meet this requirement, Babolat has developed the Satelite and Satelite Origin ranges, which feature the very latest technology and are specially designed for players who want greater control and precision. The lightest racquet in the range is the Satelite Gravity 74, ideal for playing for a long time without getting tired. Our Slim T technology, which ensures a perfect connection between frame and shaft, makes this 74-gram racquet even more aerodynamic. The handle heavy design makes this one of the most easy to handle racquets in the Babolat range.

If you're looking for a racquet that's both easy to handle and powerful, you can choose the Satelite Blast, Satelite Power or Satelite Origin Power models, which are the heaviest but offer greater striking power. If you prefer a lighter, more flexible racquet for greater ease of handling and precision, we recommend the Satelite Essential, Satelite Lite, Satelite Origin Essential and Satelite Origin Lite models.

The criterion that makes all the difference for expert players: power

If you have already mastered your control and precision, it's time to concentrate on more powerful strikes. To maximize power, we recommend using a heavier racquet. High stiffness and a head heavy design are also key features. Given these many criteria, the choice of racquet should not be taken lightly.

Babolat has developed the X-Feel range - which incorporates the latest technologies - and the X-Feel Origin range, specifically designed for hard-striking players who want more power. The flagship of this collection is the X-Feel Blast, an extremely powerful and stiff racquet. Weighing 88 grams, with a head heavy design, this racquet delivers devastating strikes on the court. The X-Feel Power and X-Feel Origin Power models also offer increased power, while being lighter and less stiff than the X-Feel Blast. These racquets offer more control and are preferred by slightly lower-level players. Finally, the X-Feel Essential, X-Feel Lite, X-Feel Origin Essential and X-Feel Origin Lite models offer greater versatility and ease of handling, while retaining the power qualities typical of X-Feel racquets.

Each player type has specific criteria to take into account, such as ease of handling for beginners, control and precision for more advanced players and power for expert players. Choosing the right badminton racquet is a personal decision, because every player has their individual feel and playing style preferences. We therefore recommend trying out different racquets until you find the one that offers the best balance between the criteria we have discussed and your personal satisfaction, particularly by using our racquet selector.

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