Anne Tran - Nouveaux Horizons: the documentary series

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Published on 09/29/22

Co-produced by Babolat and Magnitude Films, with the support of +2Bad, this documentary series offers an original, honest insight into the life of Anne Tran during a major turning-point in her sporting career. With aesthetic cinematography, the two creators Clément Godet and Harrison Garret showcase an authentic perspective on the challenges faced by a high-level athlete. 

The documentary runs over 3 episodes: the aim is to follow Anne Tran through two major tournaments to understand the work that goes on in the background with her partners William and Margot.

During the first episode, we follow Anne as she takes part in the Orléans Masters, a major international tournament on the BWF World Tour. Through images filmed for the documentary and from the archives, we find out more about who she is: her career and motivations and also the people who have been with her from the beginning.

In the second episode of this series, you'll discover her work with William and Margot at INSEP (The National Institute of Sport, Expertise and Performance) both from a physical, tactical and mental point of view. Just 6 months after starting to work with new partners, how is a relationship based on trust and goodwill built between teammates? How can they match the performance of doubles partners who have been playing together for years?

In the third and final episode, you'll follow Anne and her partners at the European Championships in Madrid, a key tournament in the season. We'll see them apply the teaching from their training week on the court. Although the results are better than at the Orléans Masters, there's still a long way to go to qualify for the 2024 Olympics in Paris.

Introducing the project

Anne Tran is a professional badminton player who has now been sponsored by Babolat for 7 years, developing on the international circuit in both women's and mixed doubles.
Anne has always been surrounded by badminton. He mum manages the badminton section of her home club, Racing Club de France. Her dad has been a coach at the club for as long as she can remember. They met through the sport and so naturally badminton played an important role in her childhood.
Today, at 25, Anne is a top-level badminton player, she trains at INSEP every day and represents France internationally at mixed and women's doubles. Freshly crowned French champion in 2022 with her new parter Margot Lambert, Anne previously held this title in 2013 with Delphine Lansac and in 2017 with Émilie Lefel with whom she also won silver at the European Championships in 2018, and a bronze at the 2019 European Games.
Through new partnerships with Margot Lambert for women's doubles and William Villeger for mixed, Anne is starting a new chapter in her young career. Changing partners is no mean feat, it takes several months to rebuild everything, both in terms of the relationship and tactics. During the previous Olympics, Anne played with two partners who were older than her, but today she is taking on the role of leader. Through this documentary, we have the chance to follow her closely as she takes on this exciting new challenge, searching for increased performance, and, somewhere at the back of her mind, qualification for the 2024 Paris Olympics.