Helen Calverley : win respectfully or lose gracefully

3 min. reading
Published on 08/29/23

Join us as we follow the remarkable journey of Helen Calverley, a former badminton player turned esteemed performance coach. Helen's unwavering passion for the game and her desire to instill core values in the next generation of talents have led her to dedicate herself to coaching aspiring young players.

The breakthrough moment came when her very first player achieved remarkable success, securing a medal in a tournament. This victory solidified Helen's conviction in her role as a performance coach and the impact she could make on the future stars of the sport.

In Nottingham, the stage is set for the Inter Counties Tournament (ICT), where Helen will lead the U18 Yorkshire Team. Last year held special significance for the team, as they won the title after enduring years of defeat and carrying an added emotional weight: the passing away of their beloved head coach, John Ellis. John was not only a guiding force for Helen but also a mentor who taught her invaluable lessons on how to connect with and nurture young athletes.

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