“What attracted me most about padel is that it’s easy to learn” – Ana Moreno

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Veröffentlicht am 15/02/23

Ana Moreno is a force of nature. Having left her native Mexico as a teenager to base herself in Spain in order to become the best padel player she could be, she is now Babolat’s representative responsible for promoting padel in Madrid and north-western Spain, and managing the company’s coaches across the country. And her enthusiasm inspires those she comes into contact with.

“What attracted me most about padel is that it’s easy to learn,” she says. “Teaching people how to play padel is very enriching and rewarding, it’s a fun sport, and it doesn’t take much to help people improve their game a lot. You get to meet a lot of people, and its competitive aspect has always attracted me.”

Ana represented Mexico in two world championships, which she describes as “an incredible experience” that allowed her to meet “pretty much everyone on the professional padel tour”. Having chosen to leave behind her job and her family when she moved to Spain, she has been through her fair share of life’s challenges, but has emerged as someone who breathes padel and is proud to be working to improve Babolat’s visibility as one of the core names of this emerging sport.

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