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RACKETS 04.04.2018

Road to Undecima

Toni Nadal remembers everything: from the first ball Rafa hit at the age of three on a court in Manacor, to Rafa’s “Decima” victory at Roland-Garros in 2017.

It’s a trip back in time when Uncle Toni talks about the evolution of Rafa’s game and the goals set over the years. Only work, not luck, counts for Rafa.
An exemplary humility let him achieve what no other player has ever done: win the same Grand Slam tournament 10 times. In a few months, Rafa will challenge his “Decima” and try to capture the “Undecima”.
Meanwhile, Toni Nadal and Carlos Moya—the champion’s long-time friend and now coach—talk “Rafa.”

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