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Tennis is a very demanding sport for the foot so this sock was specially designed to meet tennis players’ very specific needs.


1. Wide elastic band - Holds the sock up without any strangle effect
2. Foot belt - Holds the heel, ankle and front of the foot in place with a dual custom-fit elastic strap
3. Wide elastic band - Hugs the foot
4. Strapping tape effect - Supports the ankle


1. Ventilation - Evacuates sweat


1. Heel shock absorption - Dampens the impact of landing on the heel
2. First metatarsul bone protection - Reduces the impacts during lateral footwork and quick shifts in direction
3. Anti-wear and tear cushioning - Alleviates the pressure on the toes during sudden stops
4. Anti-wear - Softens the impact while reducing heat from friction during lateral slides
5. Malleolus protection - Limits the impacts of the shoe collar during lateral footwork and weight shifts
6. Achilles tendon protection - Reduces rubbing against the shoe during sprints.

available sizes

UK 36/38 39/41 42/44


Composition86% polyamide - 12% fluorofibres - 2% elastane

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Team Babolat Pro Players may play with a customized or different model than the equipment depicted